Company profile

CA Quadrant Accounting Academy is private provider of both online and face to face CTA study support classes, as well as selected undergraduate modules.

CA Quadrant Accounting Academy focuses on providing high quality academic support and tuition to students studying accounting and finance-related fields at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate level in an effective, affordable and flexible manner.

CA Quadrant Accounting Academy makes use of online learning as a means of providing academic support to students, which facilitates a more flexible and efficient learning process. Moving away from the conventional approach of classrooms, we at CA Quadrant Accounting Academy believe that online learning and facilitating learning “on the go" is a more effective method of providing academic support, accounting tuition and academic resources to students.

Our goal is to make accounting tuition and academic support accessible to as many students as possible, and we therefore focus on making our academic support offerings and tuition affordable so as to ensure that students are not deprived of receiving the academic support, resources and tuition which they require to be successful in their respective fields of study due to financial constraints.

Our academic support extends to high-school students as well, with tuition and academic resources and study guides available for high-school students studying accounting between grades 8 to 12. Tuition for these are also provided online, making our academic support accessible to students wherever they may be.

Online academic support is provided in the form of detailed videos which discuss the core concepts and principles of the subject matter being discussed, as well as webinars (both live and pre-recorded) which will be scheduled on a periodic basis.