The CA Quadrant Accounting Academy CTA 2 Revision Course

What is the CA Quadrant Accounting Academy CTA 2 Revision Course

The CA Quadrant Accounting Academy Test Preparation Course is a specialized, comprehensive CTA Test Preparation Course which takes place before each UNISA CTA Test during the academic year.

The course is orientated around assisting students in preparing adequately for the exam beyond just technical knowledge. Emphasis will be placed on the following areas:
– examination technique
– time management
– stress management
– how to identify the easy marks in a paper
– what to do when you ‘go blank’ during the examination

Which students may register for the CA Quadrant Accounting Academy CTA 2 Revision Course?
The CA Quadrant Accounting Academy CTA 2 Revision Course is open to all CTA level 2 students.

1. Innovative, effective and student-orientated online virtual campus
– Our online model means that you no longer have to worry about travelling to lecture venues – saving you both time and money.
– Highly interactive online sessions – students are asked questions and prompted for an answer. This is a lot more effective than contact sessions where students might feel ‘shy’ to ask questions in class.
– Online quizzes and assessments can be completed for prizes.
– Online access to live as well as pre-recorded classes.
– Online access to live as well as pre-recorded webinars.

2. Premium quality lectures
– Comprehensive lecture programme which is aligned to UNISA’s assessment timetable, which means that you never have to worry about falling behind.
– Lectures are provided by qualified Chartered Accountants (SA).
– Lecture timetables are sturctured to be in alignment with the UNISA CTA Programme and their assessment dates.
– Lecturers provide tips and recommendations to assist with the studying process and to facilitate efficient learning.
– Lectures are structured to provide an adequate balance between theory and practice.
– Lectures are scheduled in a way that allows time for sufficient preparation for lectures and flexibility.
– Lectures are focused on quality instead of quantity. A strong principle which we adopt is that it does how many hours you spend studying, but rather, how produitve you are during that time.
– Lectures also include discussions around motivation, time management, stress management and study methods.

3. Premium quality course material prepared by qualified Chartered Accountants (SA)
– Detailed, comprehensive lecture slides.
– Detailed, comprehensive notes.
– Comprehensive class examples to illustrate principles practically and to solidify foundational knowledge.
– Question banks to help you practice examination technique as well as to practically apply key principles and concepts.
– Course material prepared by qualified Chartered Accountants (SA)

4. Dedicated tutorial programme
– An intensive tutorial programme which includes tutorial classes that work through the examples contained in UNISA’s tutorial letters to test candidates’ knowledge and to improve exam technique.
– Tutorial questions may include questions from the UNISA tutorial letters, UNISA past exam papers and other sources.
– Tutorials will focus heavily on examination technique, how to answer questions and how to maximise mark-scoring.

5. Exclusive benefits
– Exclusive access to the CA Quadrant Accounting Academy Facebook Group.
– Exclusive discounts from the CA Quadrant Digital Online Store.
– Complimentary access to the CA Quadrant Accounting Academy CTA Level 2 Revision Programme
– Complimentary access to the CA Quadrant Accounting Academy CTA Level 2 Supplementary Support Programme in the event that a supplementary opportunity is obtained.

6. Value added benefits
– Support via any one of our online and social media platforms.
– Feedback on UNISA class tests by our professional lecturing team
– Complimentary webinars on motivation, time management and stress management.
– Complimentary academic and related content published onto our YouTube channel.

Classes are completely online and the course can be completed at the student’s leisure and
around their own schedule.

Live classes will take place on Saturdays between 09:00 and 22:30.
Tutorial classes will be announced.
Live lectures are recorded thereby allowing students the opportunity to catch up on any lectures which
they may have missed as well as to refresh the principles and concepts discussed during the lecture.

Method of delivery
Live lectures which can be attended online.
Pre-recorded classes in the event that live classes are not held
Face to face classes in Pretoria and Johannesburg