Our mission at CA Quadrant Accounting Academy (Pty) Ltd

CA Quadrant Accounting Academy (Pty) Ltd recognises the importance of education both in South Africa as well as at a global level. We also recognise the drawbacks to providing education and educational resources to those learners, students and other individuals who need it.
CA Quadrant Accounting Academy (Pty) Ltd therefore has set out on a mission to provide high quality education and educational material to students as well as professionals. Our goal is to ensure that our academic products and resources are accessible, affordable and provide students with value for money.

Our digital platform enables students to access our products and services remotely and at any time. We also place a high emphasis on ensuring that our educational and academic products are of a high quality
and that they serve as an effective resource for both students and professionals.

Our mission extends to provide students with comprehensive learning which is focused on the needs of individual learners. We seek to offer all students with high quality academic support that is easily accessible, and which can be easily integrated into their daily lives.

Through this we aim to assist all students in realising their full potential as well as to identify and improve on any developmental areas which they may have as a barrier to their academic success.