Our values 

At CA quadrant Accounting Academy, we pride ourselves on having a strong value system which is at the forefront of our activities.

We therefore place a lot of emphasis on the following:

Delivering a high quality service

At CA Quadrant Accounting Academy we pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our students, which meets (if not exceeds) their expectations. We don’t view our students as merely being a number – each student as well as their learning needs are of vital importance to us.

Excellence in all that we do

We at CA Quadrant Accounting Academy do not believe in being second best or settling for less. It is this attitude and culture which propels us to strive to achieve a level of excellence in everything that we do and to set a benchmark for others to follow.

Focus on our students

As important as a study support provider may be to its students, we believe that students are even more important to a study support provider. After all, the existence of such a provider depends on students and this is one of the factors which we take very seriously. It is with this in mind that we place our students at the center of our activities and orientate our academic programs and solutions around our students to ensure that we address their unique learning requirements and that we make every reasonable effort to help our students successfully achieve their academic goals.

We believe that the success of an academic service provider is not measured in the products which it offers, but rather, in the results of its students and the impact which it has made in the lives of its students.


We at CA Quadrant Accounting Academy believe in thinking out of the box and finding new ways of doing things to improve the learning process. This, coupled with our use of technology to aid in the facilitation of the learning process, results in a much more interactive and creative way of making learning more accessible to our students.


We at CA Quadrant Accounting Academy understand that bold claims and big promises are easy to make, but not as easy to deliver on. We don’t believe in misguiding others and follow a simple principle of doing what we say and expecting others to do the same.


Communication is a critical factor to the success of any project or relationship, and this is no different when it comes to learning. We therefore encourage students to communicate openly with us and strive to create an environment where students feel comfortable to communicate their learning needs with us as well as with each other.

In addition to this, we encourage ongoing communication between our team as well as our students to ensure that we build relationships and gain feedback on how we can improve our service to our students.


We at CA Quadrant Accounting Academy believe in being straightforward and honest in all of our interactions and expect the same from others.


We at CA Quadrant Academy encourage a culture which promotes respect amongst all people. We firmly believe in treating people with dignity and respect and encourage our students to do the same.

We therefore do not condone any hate speech, violence or discrimination and explicitly stand against such actions.